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For a long time, open party boat fishing on 4 and 6 passenger sport fishing vessels has been difficult for the vessel operator and customer. For Captains, there is too much work and risk in trying to deal with six different passengers for 1 charter, its just not worth it. For the few Captains that go to the trouble, the price is often too high for the average fisherman. This is a terrible shame because the fishing experience on a fast 35 knot 4 pack, or luxurious 50ft 6 Pack private sport fishing yacht, is something we should all be able to do!

We aim to solve this problem with technology. The first thing we did was made a system that allows anglers flexibility by choosing not a date, but a date range... not a single trip, but multiple trips. We then created a smart AI matching and RSVP technology so that computers handle the most demanding part, organizing differently sized groups to show up at the same boat on the same day, that signed up for overlapping, but different date ranges and different trip types. It is a lot harder than you think, and took us over a year to develop the prototype. The system makes no mistakes, and insures you, our customer, of a simple and easy way to put yourself on an open party six pack vessel instead of a cattle boat!

Here is how it works:

STEP 1. Submit your name, email, phone, desired date range, and trip type. No credit card required. You will get a confirmation text or email that we received your request.

STEP 2. When someone else overlaps with your date range and trip type, we will update you. Once your charter is full, everyone will be asked to RSVP.

STEP 3. Only when we are sure the vessel has enough people, we then ask every one to pay, and finalize the charter. We send you confirmation.

STEP4. Follow the instructions and map provided in the confirmation. If you have any questions, call the Captain at the number provided.

Things to keep in mind.

  • Once you RSVP, there are no refunds. We do this to insure that if other people cancel last minute, you still go out! If we allowed cancellations after RSVP, one party's cancellation could effect another party's charter, and nobody wants this. So order with confidence. If you PAID, your GO, no matter what the other parties do.

  • If you choose to have a rod rental, the Captain will already be aware of this, and will provide your rod rental to you as you board the vessel.

  • BYOB. Bring your own beer. No hard alcohol. Drink responsibly. Captain's prerogative while at sea.

  • There is water and small snacks on board. Items are also for sale. You are welcome to bring a bag lunch.

We believe that this will revolutionize the process of booking small vessels, such as the ones we represent. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 619.508.7823