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Every one in? Lets fish! is an online booking engine made specifically for arranging 4-12 passenger party boat fishing, and allowing everybody to share the expense. Find a match instantly or submit your information and we will automatically notify you of a match. No credit card required.

Answer a few questions and lets go fishing!

deep sea tuna fishing mission bay

Once you go on a 4, 6 or 12 passenger party boat, your hooked! Who wants to fish with 45 other people when 6 is better?

Head off shore to pursue pelagic species like Tuna and Dorado! Charters longer than 9 hours always go offshore!

Try and catch your limits. Our experienced crew will help.  No shoulder to shoulder fishing! No galley charges, BYOB.

But most importantly, enjoy your time on the water with friends! Easy, No Hassle, and on your schedule and budget.

How it works.

We are proud to finally offer the "average Joe" a chance to get on a private fishing yacht with a limited load of four, six, or twelve passengers on a private fishing yacht. Enjoy the luxury of fishing on a fast, well appointed, and uncrowded charter! Usually trips like this are reserved only for higher paying private party customers. Here is how it works, fill out our very short questionnaire, if there is an instant match, your locked and loaded. If not, we will update you in real time of your match status. We will go to work and find you other like minded anglers to join you and split the cost. Our per anger ticket pricing is very affordable, and our adventures are safe, kid-friendly, and bring home the fish.

Dont have enough people to fill a six pack? No problem! We offer open party four, six, and twelve  pack charters where you can team up with other people to catch fish and SAVE MONEY.
Starting at $149 PER PERSON.
Limited Load of 4, 6, or 12 Passengers
ROD RENTALS and Fishing License NOT INCLUDED. 

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No Credit Card is required to submit this form. You will only be charged when all anglers in your group are a "Go!"

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Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail!

Rockfish Whitefish Bottom Fishing

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If you need help picking out your next San Diego based sport fishing trip, let our operators assist you. We offer live chat as well as first-ring customer support by calling 619.508.7823. We are here to help you 24 hours a day. We can go over your departure date range, what kind of fishing you want to do, how many people you have, what you want to spend, and then help you decide you which boats are available, and guide you to choose the offshore charter that best meets your exact needs.

If you prefer to book online yourself, its fast and simple. Just go to the Sportfishing Fleet Page, pick a boat, and then click BOOK ONLINE. You can check availability, pricing, or place an online booking. Don't worry though, if you have questions, we are a call away.

Some things to remember, all prices do include rod rental, bait, fish cleaning, snacks, non alcoholic beverages, chips, coffee. For charters that are 10 hours or longer then one hot meal shall be provided. On overnight and multiday charters, 3 hot meals are provided per 24 hour period at sea. Customers are welcome to bring their own beer in an ice chest. We will provide you your fish at the end of the trip in ziplocks and you can put them in your cooler. If you are from out of state, let us know, and we will hook you up with Five Star or Sportsman's Seafood to get your catch shipped anywhere in the country on dry ice.

On all trips, customers are responsible for bringing a picture ID, Fishing License, and any alcoholic beverages. On trips into Mexico our Captain will assist you in purchasing the appropriate FHM VISA, BioBracelet, and Mexican fishing license that you might need. All trips into Mexican waters require each and every passenger on the vessel to have a booklet form passport that is valid. Charter s going into international waters *where the vessel is outside of the 12 mile mark of Mexican land* passports are not required.

On all trips, our captain and crew is at your service. We are always attempting to make sure you have a great time with us out on the water. If you ever have a question, please let us know. Any member of our staff can help you. Please remember to tip your crew. Thank you.




Your child will thank you for taking them fishing because our crew will MAKE SURE they have a good time and help them try to land fish!

We will provide instruction on how to hold the rod, put on bait, lower the bait, and how to reel it up once there is a fish on.

Join an open party or get a four or six pack private party and head out to sea for your begginers, that still yields the big ones, as you can see in the pictures here.

Age 15 and below

get a free fishing license!

ADULT SUPERVISION is required for all children 18 years or less. Passengers under 50 lbs, must provide their own USCG approved child life preserver for each child. No exceptions please.

Children welcome
Young Children

Which boat should I choose to go fishing?

It depends on how many people you have, and your preference on speed vs. comfort.

This video is of the Nomad on the back side of San Clemente nailing Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna.

6 Packs are made for COMFORT & ROOM!

The six pack vessels above all provide up to six passengers with a stable and luxurious fishing platform. With longer and deeper trips in mind, these vessels are equipped with the latest electronics and fishing tackle and hold considerable amounts of bait. All requirements for putting big tuna on the deck. Any trip over eight hours includes 1 meal. All 24 hour and multi day trips include three freshly prepared gourmet meals per day. All trips include bottled water, soda, chips, cookies, various snacks, and coffee. Fishing licenses must be purchased directly from Fish and Game prior to boarding the vessel.

The video is of the Dead Eye cleaning
up on the Bluefin!

4 Pack Vessels out run the competition!

The four pack vessels above place speed over size and can put you on a spot in less than HALF the time as one of our larger boats (as seen above). On average, these vessels will propel you at an average speed of 25 knots across the water. What this means is that the Coronado Islands are 45 minutes from the bait barge, and the outer banks and San Clemente Island are in range for a 12 or 18 hour trip. If you and up to three of your friends want to get concentrated fishing with out the frills and expense of a six pack, this is your ticket to angler's paradise. 

Give us a call right now and we will get you taken care of. 619-508-7823

Available Trips

(From 9 Hours to 3 days)

Inner Banks, Middle Banks, Outer Banks, Islands, Interactive Map

Arguably the best fighting fish for its weight, and they can get up to 300 pounds each! Come early, leave late.

Although smaller than the Bluefin, this ferocious fish puts up a fight you will not soon forget. Summer is hot for this fish.

This is the big one. If you hook up on this you will be in the fight of your life. These fish way hundreds of pounds!

Use downriggers to send huge baits 100s of feet down in search of Swordfish!

Not technically a tuna, but in the same weight class, it  is known for the best taste.

The colorful skin of this fish is iridescent! It is also known for its high flying antics.

Point Loma

This bottom dweller feels like a cinder block when you try and pull it up. Good Eating.

Open Party Four Six Twelve Pack

Ugly, filled with teeth, and occasionally blue, the Lingcod will cause excitement!

Easy to catch, plentiful, and the best taco around. Great for kids and beginners.

Bass Fishing Winter Time

For a 4 to 12 pound fish, you can not find a more crafty and hard fighting opponent.


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A complete and thorough guide to the trips, species, tacts, and expectations of a fall or winter charter. Just because Tuna Season is over doesn't mean you cant still catch big fish!